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The Undefeated

Who are we, for whom ?, why ?, how?

At the beginning, a calendar ...

It was in 2015 that the idea of a calendar was born among a group of wounded at the National Sports Center of Defense in Fontainebleau.

Faithful to the motto of our Alumni of the 6th BCCP "Believe and Oser", the mission to achieve the first calendarsoldiers wounded in France was engaged.

The relationship to the body in the reconstruction of an injured person is a fundamental element and it is very important for them to demonstrate that, despite their mutilated body or mind, they are more than ever at the peak of their physical abilities. Even more, beyond the handicap, it is the strength of their soul that emerges from their person.

A calendar for whom? To do what ?  

Far from being a revenge on life for a few, the Unbeaten have,  above all, the ambition to make this calendar a useful tool for their wounded brothers in the army. Thus, in 2017, they donated all of the sales to one of the great historical Parisian associations.

Today, the Unbeaten has become a non-profit and independent association. The idea of the new calendar and of symbolizing the authentic values of the army which have animated all French soldiers throughout history,  until our wounded today. The calendar will show through original photos these values that the army transmits to young people and which makes them surpass themselves whatever the obstacles throughout their engagement.

One of the objectives is to strengthen the nation's link with its Army, a calendar has been devised on the theme of a sport that conveys the same values as the army: Rugby, with several players and former players of the XV de la Défense, in the Bison Bleu studio in Marseille.

Who are the Undefeated? their  projects?

The "army of models" chosen to appear in the photos is entirely made up of wounded from different backgrounds and from all parts of the army, and whose courage, will and charisma command admiration:

- Loïc (SSA), Matthieu (Marine), Jonathan and Sébastien (Air) present on the first calendar renew the adventure

- Ten new wounded were selected to complete the Marina (Terre), Sandrine and  Maéva (SSA), Priscille , Fabian and Gus (Gendarmerie), Cooper (Air), Manoj and Georges (Foreign Legion), Dominique (Navy).

In order to carry out this project, it was necessary to find a name for it: “Undefeated” was thus unanimously chosen by all the participants. This word illustrates the strength of those who do not let themselves be defeated despite the blows that fate has in store for them and which haunts the lives of all soldiers.  

In 2021, the Unbeaten took part in an "adapted kick boxing" course created for them by Jean Michel DIGNE. At the end of 2021, an innovative course in France will be presented for the mentally injured. It will see the light of day thanks to you, your contributions on the online store and your words of encouragement on the facebook page and Instagram.

We need your support today!

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